The following is an excerpt from Gene Commander’s Part 2 article in the June issue of Law Week Colorado. The article highlights law firm best practices to dismantle the obstacles facing working mothers and to boost the careers of women attorneys. The article in full can be read here.

The evidence is unmistakable: law firms are failing to adequately support the careers of lawyers who are mothers. A recent report from the American Bar Association, Legal Careers of Parents and Child Caregivers: Results and Best Practices from a National Study of the Legal Profession, highlights the multifaceted challenges that mothers face when working in law firms. As discussed in Part 1 [link], the ABA’s nationwide survey reveals that mothers are much more likely than fathers to confront negative experiences and barriers at work, including reduced compensation, fewer career opportunities and more disparaging comments about their status as a parent. The survey further finds that women are struggling to navigate the oft-competing demands of their careers and families, with the great majority of child-raising duties still falling on women. Stress and burnout are rampant among mothers at law firms.