Proactive Business Advice

Grow and protect your business by collaborating with one of Colorado’s most experienced legal and construction experts.

Gene has a passion for helping others solve problems and plan for the future.

Ownership Transfers will allow your company to pursue strategic growth opportunities by investing wisely in a lateral hire, merger, acquisition, consolidation, internal buy-sell option, or ESOP.

Succession Planning will encourage your privately held or family-owned company to transition its customers, ownership interests, and leadership responsibilities to understudies already active in the business, or to prepare it for the sale to a third party, before a sudden retirement, death, or disability can devastate your business.

Corporate Restructuring will position your company for smart growth when it is based upon fresh ideas and insightful viewpoints from outside board members and trusted independent business advisors.

Enterprise Risk Management will promote better decision making by senior executives to help your company avoid and mitigate uninsurable supply chain, corporate, and personal financial losses when the next major business disruption occurs.

Executive Compensation will differentiate your company from its competition and provide you with highly effective recruiting tools to attract and retain exceptional talent by motivating and rewarding employees with generous career and lifestyle incentives.

Leadership Development is key to the creation and sustainability of a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and profitable workplace culture where innovation and courage are celebrated.

Gene is available to work alongside your senior leadership team to solve specific problems that are top of mind on any given day, contribute his talents to a comprehensive strategic planning or training process, and partner on a recurring basis to share his multi-disciplinary insights, experiences, and extensive community relationships.

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Gene charges for his confidential management consulting services based on a mutually acceptable hourly rate or monthly fee, whichever provides the best value proposition for his clients.

Consensus Builder. Problem Solver.

Move your business forward with confidence and peace of mind.