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Gene CommanderStart up, grow, and protect your law firm with confidence by collaborating with an expert in the business of law.

Gene enjoys working alongside law firm leaders who are interested in promoting a new brand of business with a deep sense of community. He would be honored to share his practical, actionable recommendations with your senior leadership team.


Gene charges for his confidential management consulting services based on a mutually agreeable hourly rate, monthly fee, or lump sum/success fee, whichever provides the best value proposition for his clients.


Smart growth strategies will enable forward-thinking law firms of all sizes to successfully navigate the troubling demographic, economic, and professional trends that are shrinking the talent pool and driving up the costs of doing business. Gene advocates for Smart Growth in Action: 2030™, an innovative approach that helps skilled attorneys reach their full leadership potential and adds value to the business enterprise through strategic investments of time and other resources in the human capital needed to satisfy client expectations.


Leadership transitions are inevitable for all firms, especially those relying on baby boomers to lead client and business initiatives. Smart growth strategies can ensure long-range stability by providing for a seamless transition of clients, leadership responsibilities, and ownership opportunities to the next generation of leaders. Future-focused transition strategies also mitigate the risk of forfeiting valuable client and business opportunities due to the unexpected departure, retirement, disability, or death of key talent.


Talent development and retention are essential for sustained law firm prosperity. Key factors to attract and retain productive talent include compensation, quality of work, state-of-the-art technology, professional growth and career advancement, personal well-being, and a healthy workplace culture. All business decisions should be made with an eye to developing and retaining the firm’s talent. And law firms should double down on efforts to retain women and people of color, whose attrition rates are disproportionately high.


Workplace culture by design is a key component of a healthy, sustainable law firm. Firms should ensure all talent has the personalized tools they need to thrive while also fostering transparency, equity, inclusion, and belonging throughout the enterprise. Future-focused firms should invest time and effort into cultivating a magnetic workplace culture that reflects a genuine commitment to personal well-being, professional development, and career advancement.


Partner compensation sets the tone for a healthy, collaborative workplace culture that attracts and retains productive talent. Smart growth strategies incentivize behavior that supports both a magnetic workplace culture and a profitable business enterprise. Everyone who effectively invests their time and skill to help the firm meet its financial and professional goals should be recognized and fairly rewarded according to the value they add to the firm.


Mergers among like-minded law firms and strategic practice group acquisitions are increasingly popular among firms of all sizes as they struggle to properly scale their business operations and fill the talent gap caused by unprecedented attrition rates. Talent-driven mergers, acquisitions, and lateral hires enable forward-thinking law firms to blend their human assets and generate transformational business growth opportunities that can better position the combined firm to hurdle future talent challenges.

“Gene provides a fresh and forward-looking perspective on the business of law that has been invaluable to our firm. Through his perceptive insights and sincere commitment to supporting our needs, he has played a critical role in helping position our firm for long-term financial and professional success.”

Ivan Sarkissian

Managing Shareholder and Co-Founder, McConaughy & Sarkissian, P.C.

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