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Gene Can Help

  • Ownership Changes

  • Succession Planning

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Executive Compensation

  • Leadership Development


Gene charges for his confidential management consulting services based on a mutually acceptable hourly rate or monthly fee, whichever provides the best value proposition for his clients.

Gene’s unique legal, ADR, and community experience has allowed him to study not only the accomplishments but also the inadvertent missteps of countless construction professionals. He has learned many valuable lessons that he would like to share with the next generation of Colorado entrepreneurs to help them avoid the unfortunate consequences that many of their peers have had to overcome only at great expense.

He is available to help clients solve specific problems that are top of mind on any given day, contribute his talents to a comprehensive strategic planning or training process, and partner with senior leadership teams on a recurring basis to share his multi-disciplinary insight, experience, and extensive community relationships.

Gene has a passion for connecting with the owners and leaders of Colorado construction businesses and the law firms that represent them. He is looking forward to helping you prioritize and achieve your business and career goals.

Consensus Builder. Problem Solver.

Move your business forward with confidence and peace of mind.