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When the stakes are high and conventional thinking is not getting the job done, Gene’s breadth of experience and insightful perspective helps law firm leaders and C-suite executives find the right solutions.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Law firms are notoriously poor planners when it comes to implementing the crucial leadership and ownership transitions needed to ensure long-term success. The lack of a transparent continuity plan will cause doubts about the future of the firm to creep into the minds...

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Making the Right Career Moves

If you’re considering a major career move, then you’re not alone. Recent research and expert commentary about the “Great Resignation” clearly indicate that something new and potentially transformational is happening in the workplace. Right or wrong, people are making...

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Battling the Loneliness of Leadership

We’ve all experienced the loneliness of leadership – at least to some degree – and business leaders are starting to address its unspoken challenges. I recommend, “How to Overcome the Loneliness of Leadership,” in Construction Business Owner. Being the person in charge...

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Men Supporting Women in Construction

Labor shortages are rippling across Colorado’s robust construction economy due to the lingering effects of the pandemic and the inevitable consequences of Baby Boomers leaving the construction workforce ahead of schedule.   The Baby Boomer retirement rate was a...

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Why Baby Boomers Avoid Retirement

People are living longer, healthier lives and that has Baby Boomers questioning whether it’s wise to end their careers at age 65. Many potential retirees would prefer to extend their careers by hunkering down in their current jobs. Unfortunately, when that’s no longer...

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