The following is an excerpt from a Gene Commander article that was included in the 2023 State of the Law Firm Survey, a special edition published by Law Week Colorado in collaboration with Gene Commander Inc. From April to June, Law Week Colorado surveyed attorneys in Colorado law firms with two or more attorneys about their professional experiences. The article and inaugural survey results are available here.

As law firm leaders well know, talent challenges are mounting in Colorado Firms – particularly in terms of retaining affordable and productive human capital. Remarkably, roughly half of the attorneys in private practice who responded to the State of the Law Firm Survey said they expected to leave their current law firm in six years or fewer. Approximately one-third of associate-level respondents said they expect to stay with their current firm for more than six years. This Colorado data is consistent with national data showing that just around half of those who graduated from law school in 2018 were working in law firms as 2022.