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Experienced Business ADR for All Industries

Gene has been a member of the American Arbitration Association’s roster of neutrals for more than 25 years, and he is currently qualified to serve as a mediator and arbitrator for large, complex commercial and construction cases, R-7 arbitrator for joinder and consolidation disputes, E-discovery special master for arbitration and litigation, and dispute resolution board (DRB) panel member.

Gene has served as a mediator, med-arb neutral, sole arbitrator, panel member, panel chairperson and R-7 arbitrator in more than 120 disputes, with claims totaling in excess of $40 million in one case.

Gene provides mediation and arbitration services to resolve wide-ranging commercial disputes between businesses operating across the real estate development and construction industries, which are well positioned to benefit from a swift and less costly ADR process when compared to traditional civil litigation.


From breach of contract to fraud and bankruptcy, Gene can help with a wide variety of business disputes.

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Real Estate

Real estate development is a complex industry, as are the disputes that can arise. Gene’s experience related to real estate disputes extends to all sectors of the industry.

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For much of his career, Gene has focused on construction disputes. He has significant experience with disputes affecting all areas of the construction industry and all property types.

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Interpreting insurance policies and coordinating with insurance representatives are key to successful dispute resolution within this industry.

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There are many rules that govern electronically stored information (ESI), and in today’s digital age E-discovery can become a complex and expensive burden on businesses.

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