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Staying Ahead of the Talent Curve—Part 2

The following is an excerpt from a Gene Commander article exploring sustainable law firm business growth strategies to counter the troubling shortage of affordable and productive talent that is jeopardizing the continued prosperity of Colorado law firms. As the second...

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Smart Growth in Action: M&A 101

The following is an excerpt from part two of Gene Commander’s examination of how Colorado law firms are facing mounting business pressures due to a new brand of supply chain disruption that is causing a shortage of affordable and productive talent. The article was...

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Smart Growth in Action: Law Firm M&A

The following is an excerpt from a column written by Gene Commander discussing why Colorado law firm leaders are now facing unprecedented challenges due to a dwindling supply of talent and how these challenges will soon threaten the future prosperity of their firms -...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Law firms are notoriously poor planners when it comes to implementing the crucial leadership and ownership transitions needed to ensure long-term success. The lack of a transparent continuity plan will cause doubts about the future of the firm to creep into the minds...

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Making the Right Career Moves

If you’re considering a major career move, then you’re not alone. Recent research and expert commentary about the “Great Resignation” clearly indicate that something new and potentially transformational is happening in the workplace. Right or wrong, people are making...

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