The following is an excerpt from a Gene Commander article introducing the State of the Law Firm survey.

The article introduces the survey, which examines attorneys working in Colorado firms with two or more lawyers and contains 38 questions to learn about lawyers’ experience in private practice. The article and link to the survey is available here.

I am delighted to share my introduction to the State of the Law Firm survey my company is co-sponsoring with Law Week Colorado.  This important survey asks attorneys’ their experience in private practice. Please read the article and respond to the survey by June 16 using the link provided in the introduction to help identify smart growth business strategies that future-focused law firm leaders can implement over the next three, five, seven years to secure sustainable financial and professional prosperity.

The year 2030 is a pivotal point for Colorado law firms as Gen Z will be filling senior associate and junior partner ranks, millennials will be assuming leadership and ownership roles, Gen X will be in the prime earning years of their careers and baby boomers will have at least one foot out the door.