The following is an excerpt from Gene Commander’s article on the importance of developing hybrid work opportunities to retain highly productive talent in Colorado law firms by cultivating magnetic workplace cultures. The article, which appeared in Law Week Colorado, is available in full here.

While the story is familiar, the statistics remain startling: Employees’ time spent working remotely in the U.S. catapulted from 0.4% in 1965 and 5.0% in 2019 to 60% when the COVID-19 pandemic struck –  and recent data suggests Americans now work about 30% of their days at home.

Workers across industries – including in law firms – are adamantly demanding remote work options. In the recent State of the Law Firm Survey in Colorado, more than 54% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that flexible remote working policies were a significant factor in their choice of firm. Although few law firms have embraced a fully remote work model (which is broadly viewed as a risky proposition), firms have widely adopted a hybrid business model in which employees work some days in the office and others from home or another comfortable location.